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My name is Sean, and I have been passionate about this hobby for over 20 years. I created this blog to share my knowledge, experiences, and love for nano aquariums with like-minded enthusiasts.

Nano Tank Garden is a space where both beginners and seasoned hobbyists can find a wealth of information about creating and maintaining stunning underwater worlds. From the intricacies of plant and fish selection to the technical aspects of water chemistry and filtration, this blog covers everything you need to create and enjoy your own living piece of nature.

I first got hooked on the world of aquariums when I received a small fish tank as a gift during my childhood. Over the years, my fascination with aquatic life grew, and so did my collection of fish tanks.

I have been involved in various aspects of the hobby, including breeding fish, experimenting with different plants, and participating in aquascaping competitions.

With Nano Tank Garden, I aim to share my passion with a wider audience, offering helpful tips and advice on everything from setting up your first nano tank to maintaining a thriving ecosystem.

My goal is to inspire fellow hobbyists to create their own underwater sanctuaries and experience the same sense of wonder and relaxation that I have enjoyed for more than two decades.

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